Most frequent questions and answers

Before we started the soft plastics business, we came up with an idea (still in the works) to help anglers get their baits up “under” docks and “take” fish out. So… we named the business “Undertaker” Bait Company. 

Because we started the company to reduce waste. We know that that all packaging gets thrown away. So, why waste money on it? Instead, we’d rather give you stickers or other surprise gifts when you order —  that you can actually use — than waste money on something that will get thrown away. 

You can only buy them on 

We have no plans on selling in retail stores. 

If you find our baits anywhere else, they are imitations. 

We have plenty of opportunities to sell in stores. That is just not the route we are taking. 

Just like our bait colors, we are different. 

Everything we make is hand made and labor intensive. 

We could not afford to sell in stores and still uphold the quality we strive for with each pack of baits. 

The pigments used for glow-in-the-dark baits is about 4 times as expensive as other pigments. 

In keeping with the idea that we want to keep waste to a minimum, we take all the scraps and leftover plastics from manufacturing, re-melt them, and make unique colors out of them. 

They can never be duplicated and no two Zombie colors are alike — just like real zombies. 

Absolutely! We catch fish on them every day! 

They are a combination of all of the amazing colors we make and you’d be absolutely amazed at some of the colors that come from Zombies. 

No. We are firm believers that salt is not an attactant and isntead it is used as a cheap filler, a weight, and to make baits have a shorter lifespan.

For our baits:

  • When attractants are needed, we use scented oils.
  • When weight/sinking is needed, we use high-end weighted plastisol.

This way, your baits last longer and perform better.

BAITS: During low volume times, we strive to ship within 2 business days. During high volume times, it may take 5-7 days for us to produce and ship. All products are made to order by hand.  And, we cannot control USPS. So… the answer is… “As fast as we can get them to you.” We cannot guarantee delivery dates but we strive to beat your expectations.

APPAREL: Expect on 7-14 days. All of our apparel orders are fulfilled by 3rd parties that make amazing stuff.  However, we cannot guarantee delivery dates. 

We hand make the baits here at the Graveyard. 

Apparel is made on demand from our partners like RedZone Apparel. 

So, your bait order will most likely arrive faster than your apparel order when you order baits and apparel at the same time. 

Baits usually ship within 2 business days and apparel order typically ship within 5 business days. 

We sponsor a few but we are very picky. We can sometimes provide Zombies, Stickers, and Koozies for events. But we are not providing monetary sponsorships at this time. 

If you have an event you would like us to get involved with, reach out to us at

We are currently sponsoring the 5-Alive tournament Series on Lake Hartwell and one other series on Beaver Lake in Arkansas. 


We’re working on the pro-staff page.

We are still working on the pro-staff program. You can email us at if you would like to talk with us. 

More info coming soon on the pro-staff program.